Some local authorities have put gates on to rear and side alleyways. Gate keys are held by various people including, emergency services, the local authority and utility companies. There are two reasons that we may have gates in Stoke-on-Trent.

Some alleyway improvement schemes include placing gates at the end of alleyways. With these schemes the alley becomes private land and is no longer a public highway. The land can then be improved by the local residents.

Alley areas that suffer from high levels of crime or anti-social behaviour may benefit from being closed at certain times. Gates would be used as a practical way of closing the alley. This approach is being considered as a final remedy if other options had been tried and failed. You can get more information from the Safer City Partnership or your Local Centre.

Generally you can contact the Customer Access Team on 01782 234234 and they will transfer you to the appropriate Local Centre. Please tell them that you are asking about alleygates so that they transfer you to the right person.

If your enquiry is about alley gates in the Meir area, please contact Meir Local Centre on 01782 237878.