Publication Scheme

How to ask for published information

We are changing the way we provide information under the Freedom of Information Act by publishing as much information as possible on our website. The act requires all Public Authorities to make certain categories of information available to the public. This is the gateway to our information required by the act.

Our information is available through this page under the following main headings. Click on the links on this page for more detail:

  • Who we are and what we do which covers:
    • Our constitution
    • Our democratic structure
    • Our directorate structure
    • Our A to Z of services giving addresses and contact information
    • Information about councillors
    • Our election results
    • Our partners
  • What we spend and how we spend it, including:
    • Our financial statements and budgets
    • Procurement procedures
    • Contracts being tendered
    • District Auditor reports
  • What our priorities are and how we are doing, including:
    • Our corporate plan
    • Our forward plan
    • Our performance and results of inspections and reviews
    • Performance indicators - local and national
    • Business plans
    • Best value performance plan
    • Our strategies
    • Internal and external performance reviews
    • Forward Plan
    • Capital Strategy
    • District Auditors reports
    • Comprehensive Performance Assessment
    • Local Area Agreements
    • Customer Service Standards
  • How we make decisions, including
    • When are council meetings held
    • Agendas and minutes of council meetings and committees
    • Consultations
    • Internal communication guidance
  • Our policies and procedures, including:
    • Customer services
    • Compliments, comments and complaints procedures
    • Data protection policy and procedures
    • Record Management
  • Lists and registers, including:
    • where you can view lists and registers, for example the electoral role.
  • An A to Z of services and information provided by the council and its partners, including:
    • Services for businesses
    • Leisure services
    • Press releases
    • Contact details
    • Opening hours
    • Prices

For more information on the Freedom of Information Act e-mail

For more information about the Information Commissioners Office follow this link.