Notice of Decisions

The City Council is required to give notice of:
  • key decisions (as defined within the city council’s constitution) that will be taken by the cabinet (or other decision maker)
  • confidential or exempt executive decisions that will be taken in a meeting from which the public will be excluded (for whole or part)

Each notice sets out the decisions that the cabinet intends to take within the period stated on the notice (ordinarily covering the following two cabinet meetings).  The Notice of Decisions supersedes the Forward Plan.

The Notice of Decisions is regularly published to give councillors and residents of the city early notice of what decision makers intend to do, to provide an opportunity to find out more, and to give their views.

Follow this link to view or download the latest Notice of Decisions.

A further notice (agenda) together with reports and supporting documents for each meeting will be published at least five working days (and in some instances sooner) before the date of the meeting. In order to enquire about documents availability and subject to any restriction on their disclosure, copies may be requested at main reception at the Civic Centre, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 1HH. Documents may be accessed electronically by following the link to the committee agenda pages.

The notice will indicate if part of the meetings listed will be held in private because the agenda and reports for the meeting will contain confidential or exempt information and that the public interest in withholding the information outweighs the public interest in disclosing it.

If you disagree with why a report is to be considered in private, you can tell us why by emailing, or writing to the cabinet and committee support services manager, Floor 4, Civic Centre, Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 1HH. If representations are received at least eight working days before the date of the meeting, they will be published with the agenda together with a statement of the city council’s response. Any representations received after this time will be verbally reported and considered at the meeting.

What is a Key Decision?
A key decision means an executive decision which is likely:-
  • to result in the authority incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are, significant, having regard to the local authority's budget for the services or function to which the decision relates. The Stoke-on-Trent City Council constitution states that savings are deemed to be significant if they exceed £500,000; and/or
  • to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the local authority.
The full legal definition of a key decision can be found in the council's constitution. Copies of the constitution can be inspected at The Civic Centre, Stoke or downloaded from this web-site.
How can decisions be called-in?
Councillors not serving on the cabinet have the opportunity, through overview and scrutiny, to call-in executive decisions (with the exception of day-to-day matters) about which they have concerns. These decisions are then reviewed further before they are implemented. Follow the link on this page to find out more about the call-in process.
If you have any queries about the notice of decisions, please contact cabinet and committee support services team at, or by telephone (01782) 232622