Gambling Act 2005

Our Statement of Licensing Principles has now been adopted for 2016-2019 click here to view it 

A premises licence is required for:

There are six types of premises licences:

  • Casino premise licence
  • Bingo premise licence
  • Betting (track) premise licence - these include sporting venues, not just race tracks
  • Betting (other) premise licence - bookmakers
  • Adult gaming centres (for category B3, C and D gaming machines) - amusement arcades for over 18's
  • Family entertainment centres (for category C and D gaming machines

Click here for the Gambling Premise Licence Form

Click here for the Gambling Premise Licence Guidance

There are also Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centres, which can only have category D gaming machines. Category D machines are the existing section 34(1)’s and category C gaming machines are the existing section 34 (5E)’s.

Apply for the most common permits using the following forms:

If you want to apply then please read the guidance notes, complete the application form, serve notice on the responsible authorites and advertise your application.  

Click here for the responsible authorities list

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 Lotteries and raffles

Licensing small society lotteries

If you're raising money for a charitable purpose by selling printed raffle tickets in advance of the draw date you must apply for a small society lottery registration.

Click here to complete the small society lottery registration form.

It costs £20 per year to renew

Click here to find out more about organisations which qualify for this on the Gambling Commission website.



Private, work or residents' lottery

You can ‘private’, ‘work’ or ‘residents’ lottery without a registration if tickets are confined to members of a club, society or institution. You cannot sell tickets to the public at large.

Non-commercial lottery

No permit or registration is required if:

  • No proceeds from the lottery will be used for private gain
  • The lottery is only for a charitable purpose or good cause
  • The promoters of the lottery will not be deducting more than £500 from the proceeds to pay for the prizes
  • The promoters of the lottery will not be deducting more than £100 from the proceeds to pay for expenses.
  • There will be no lottery roll over                                                                   
  • Tickets will only be sold during the event and on the premises where the event is being held
  • The results will be made public while the event is taking place.

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