Street Lighting

Reporting Faults

The best way to report faulty street lights or illuminated road signs is on-line at 

You can also telephone free on 0800 328 7709. This number operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

In addition to providing the name of the road, it will help if you can identify where the equipment is - for example, 'outside house number 20'. Street lamp posts each have a number. It would be very helpful if you have the number of the faulty lamp post when you report it. If you report faults on-line, the site will guide you to select the exact light or sign you wish to report.

Damaged Equipment

Damaged street lighting or illuminated road signs may be extremely dangerous and should be reported immediately using methods described above.

Who carries out the repairs?

We have entered into a partnership with Tay Valley Lighting (Stoke-on-Trent) Ltd (TVL) to deliver all services relating to public lighting on the highway. This partnership contract will be delivered through the Government’s Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

Tay Valley Lighting is a consortium of Scottish & Southern Energy plc, Southern Electrical Contracting Ltd, and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

The contract is for a period of 25 years and started on 1 September 2003. During the first five years they will replace 65 percent of the existing obsolete lighting and illuminated signs in the city. From year six onwards, all remaining equipment will be replaced as its becomes out of date.

In total 38,900 new items of equipment will be installed over the contract period, including 33,700 new lamp posts. To find out what work our contractor will be carrying out and when, visit