Report a problem with the road, pavement, footway or verge

Our main helpline is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.  Using the helpline you will speak to an advisor who will log the report for you, or, alternatively you can report the problem/defect by sending an email to Outside of these hours please contact Stoke-on-Call on 01782 234234.

The helpline number is 01782 237061.

You can call this number if you need to report any of the following highway problems:

  • broken flags
  • damaged pavement
  • damaged road
  • potholes
  • missing/damaged barriers or bollards
  • missing/damaged non illuminated signs
  • missing/damaged handrails
  • blocked gullies
  • missing/damaged gully top/manholes
  • flooding and drainage issues
  • damaged kerbs
  • overgrown hedges/vegetation from private properties
  • traffic signals issues
  • tree root problems
  • street name plates
  • dropped kerbs
  • grass verges
  • gritting/grit bin requests/refills

When you make contact with us, we will need as much information about the problem as possible.  For example, 'outside no. 22', 'rear of no. 50', '1m high' etc.  This is to ensure we act on the problem efficiently.