Excellence in Health and Well-being Award

The Excellence in Health and Well Being Award self review tool has been developed with and for schools/settings in Stoke-on-Trent.  The aim of this tool is for partnership working between schools/settings, the local authority and public health to be developed and enhanced to meet the needs of our children and young people (inclusive of parents/carers and communities).

The expected outcome is improved educational attainment and health leading to increased opportunities for employment.

Key principles


  • be schools/settings led;
  • maintain a 'whole school/settings approach';
  • be evidenced by data; and
  • will support current OFSTED requirements.

Why do it?

  • Schools/settings have been asking for a 'next steps' approach following the cessation of the National Healthy Schools Programme.
  • The content of the self-review tool has grown out of the Healthy Schools annual review and aims to support schools/settings.
  • The self-review tool can be used by schools/settings as an additional tool in their work toward raising standards and increasing achievement.
  • The self review tool will be part of a city wide approach being adopted by other educational institutions in Stoke-on-Trent through the Health Promoting Children's Centres, Healthy FE and Healthy university programmes and will also support our commitment towards being a healthy city.
  • Schools/settings will receive certificated recognition for their work.
  • The self-review tool provides schools/settings with a process which will provide them with information and data which they can share with partners to support the delivery of more effective healthy and well being programmes.


Self-review tool

Click here to complete the self assessment.

The self-review can be completed when you wish but we would recommend that it is completed annually.

The writing in italics is examples of evidence/projects/activities which you may like to include in support of your answers.  These are not prescriptive.

Schools/settings will need to register before they can access the self-review tool. Contact us at sha@stoke.gov.uk