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If you are reporting fraud committed by an individual or an organisation, please provide their details in this section of this form.

If there is more than one person involved, please fill in the details of the main suspect, and list any other people involved in the 'any other useful information' box at the end.

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It would be helpful to have a description of the person, such as their height, hair colour, and any distinguishing features.

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If the person owns a vehicle, please provide details of it, such as the license plate number, colour, make and model.

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Full details of allegation

Please use the following box to give us the details of the fraud itself.

Please include as much information as possible, such as dates, times, places, names, people you have spoken to and/or other people we should talk to who may help to support your allegation.

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This could include information about other people involved.

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However, if you do provide your details, it will help our investigation should we need to seek additional information or clarify what you have reported.

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Data protection

Any personal information that you provide will be handled by the council in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be used for the purpose of investigating your fraud report. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.

This information may be disclosed to other enforcement agencies, such as the police or the Department for Work and Pensions as part of the investigation process.